The prayer of a righteous person has
great power as it is working.
James 5:16

Our Purpose: Mobilize, Energize, & Advertise

Mobilize the church for mighty praying!
Energize believers so prayer is exciting!
Advertise answers to prayer – it is motivating!

Many believers say that they ought to pray more. Some need to know how and others need guidance. We have multiple ministries at Southern Hills to aid people in this spiritual discipline.

If you have a prayer request please call 405-682-5678 or click here to submit your request online.

War Room

This is a room on our church campus where faithful prayer warriors make intercession on behalf of this church family, our community, and the peoples of the world. Members signup for hour long time slots and pray for specific needs that our prayer ministr has been made aware of.

Grandparents @ Prayer

We know that our grandchildren aren’t growing up in the same environment that we did. We meet once a month to learn how to better pray for our grandchildren and their futures.


Our desire is to have a 24/7 prayer ministry where people are praying during their assigned hours, whether it be at their home or wherever they may be.

Upper Room

We acknowledge that apart from Christ and the work of the Holy Spirit, we can do nothing. The purpose of the Upper Room is to be intentional about pleading with God to move and to transofm lives during our worship services. Members meet in a small room adjacent to our Worship Center where they are able to hear everything going on in the service, and they pray.

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